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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


Michael Pestel  USA







木、スチール、ワイヤー、ガラスブロック、竹、フェルト、スクリュー、石等150cm x 175cm x 85cm



A deconstructed piano in two parts forms the basis of Resonance, a hands-on work that invites the public to explore its sounds-in-nature. One part seeks to evoke the inaudible sounds of seismic forces - sliding tectonic plates and other vibrations - that move continuously beneath the biosphere in which we live. The other part of Resonance – the upright piano frame – connects directly with the surrounding environment. In this sense, Resonance is a 'non-site' sculpture with site-specific connections – birds, water, trees and plants, as well as human activities and forms – in the immediate environment.


Wood, steel, wire, glass block, bamboo, felt, screws, stone, etc.150cm x 175cm x 85cm

Michael Pestel        USA
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